Forager: Cheats And Gameplay - Latest Updates

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Forager is an adventure game that focuses on collecting resources, crafting tools, solving puzzles, etc. Generally, the word forager means somebody who searches for food and other essentials. The game is inspired by this concept and also mainly focuses on searching for food. Furthermore, like many games, it also features various cheats that aid the player. Here are some of the useful cheats in the game.


Forager is a 2019 open-world offline game developed by Hopfrog. American game publisher Humble Bundle published this game for Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Linux users. Mobile users can also play this game as both Android and iOS support this game. Other than just collecting resources, this survival game also enables the player to buy lands to craft new buildings. The player can also perform fishing, mining, hunting, cooking, etc.

Forager: Cheats And Gameplay - Latest Updates

As a typical open-world game, this game allows the player to explore the world and also allows the player to manage various activities. This game also follows the gameplay of idle games. Here the player is tasked to collect and harvest resources at a huge rate. Moreover, the player can also have the assistance of machines for the harvesting process. Also, the players can save money to purchase different tools. This game also features perks that are unlocked by the player’s game progress.


As mentioned earlier, Forager has many cheats that help the player. Some of the cheats that the players can use are,

  • Gemologist – Have one of each gem in your inventory.
  • Hoarder – Have 1,000 items in your inventory.
  • Expansionist – Own 5 lands.
  • Angler – Catch 50 fish.
  • Druid Helper – Help the Druid.
  • Jealous – Have 100 jelly in your inventory.
  • Destroyer – Kill 100 enemies.

Forager: Cheats And Gameplay - Latest Updates

  • Mason – Build 20 structures.
  • Smelter – Craft 500 furnace items.
  • Monster – Kill all giant beets.
  • Royal – Gather royal clothing.

Forager: Cheats And Gameplay - Latest Updates

  • Fairy Helper – Help the Fairy Queen.
  • Digger – Dig up 50 items.
  • Daredevil – Dodge a lethal attack.
  • Irrigator – Water 100 seeds.

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