Everything About PS Plus And Xbox Game Pass Tricks

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The gaming sector is a highly profitable business. Despite there being a number of companies competing in the market, PlayStation and Xbox will always be the frontrunners as gaming service providers. These two are bitter rivals and always try to be better than the other. Just like any service provider, these two companies have their own version of the premium membership. While PlayStation has PS Plus, Xbox features an Xbox game pass. Here are some tricks that the premium members of these consoles use.

PS Plus Stacking

PlayStation Plus is a paid premium subscription that offers some extra premium features. This membership mainly provides early access to the latest games and offers discounts on various PlayStation products. It also includes access to premium games. Furthermore, it provides an extra 100 GB of storage space to store game files.

Everything About PS Plus And Xbox Game Pass Tricks

But, this subscription had a loophole and some users were quick to take note of it. As tweeted by some PlayStation users, the annual PS Plus membership was available for half the price for a brief period of time. So, many PS users took advantage of this situation and managed to stack the Plus membership. However, Sony quickly sorted out this loophole in its system. Despite this, many users managed to benefit from this before Sony shut it down as they bought the plan for even ten years.

Xbox Game Pass

Similar to PS plus loophole, Microsoft’s Xbox also has an exploitable premium feature. But, this Xbox Game Pass trick has not been sorted out yet. So, if you are an Xbox user, you better rush to get this before Microsoft figures it out.

Everything About PS Plus And Xbox Game Pass Tricks

The Xbox Gold Upgrade is available for as low as $1. But, there is a limit to this, as one user can stack only up to three memberships at a time. Also, there are redeem codes that the users should be wary of. But, Xbox users can’t redeem their codes if their consoles are more than 3 years old. This also gives you a one-month free Gold membership.

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