Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising & 13 Other Games Joined Xbox

The main reason for the success of Xbox is the continuous inclusion of new games. This drives the players to buy new games and keeps them excited for new releases. In this regard, we have seen a handful of newly released games on Xbox. One such notable game is Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Here are some of the other new games released along with this role-playing game.

1. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising & 13 Other Games Joined Xbox

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is an action-adventure game that revolves around rebuilding a town. This RPG is published by the Italian video game giant 505 Games. This game comes under the Eiyuden Chronicle series and it is the prequel to the 2023 release Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

2. This War of Mine: Final Cut

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising & 13 Other Games Joined Xbox

This is a survival game that centres around an under attack city during a war. Unlike many war-related games, this game focuses on innocent civilians rather than the soldiers.

3. Aery – A New Frontier

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising & 13 Other Games Joined Xbox

Aery – A New Frontier is a flight exploration game developed by EpiXR Games. Furthermore, the players control a bird on various planets and can watch humans progress on different planets.

4. Get-a-Grip Chip

This is a 2D game that focuses on a robot progressing through a factory environment. Also, the gameplay is based on a grappling hook that the players use for mobility.

5. Infinite Links

Infinite Links is an action role-playing game developed by Kotobuki Solution. Furthermore, the game focuses on Kronos and his sisters as they involve in turn-based combat.

6. Tourist Bus Simulator

Simulation games are always a thing of beauty as it allows the players to experience something that they can or can’t do in real life. Tourist Bus Simulator is one such game as it allows the players to run their own bus company. Moreover, it tasks the players to manage the company rather than only driving.

7. Evil Dead: The Game

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising & 13 Other Games Joined Xbox

Evil Dead: The Game is a horror game that is based on the Evil Dead franchise. Here, the players assume the role of Ash Williams and his friends as they try to survive against evil.

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