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The Coroner season 4 has gained a lot of traction since the past few weeks. According to statistics, season 4 has drawn in a lot of audience to the show. The Canadian series based on ‘Jenny Cooper’ novels has been on everyone’s radar, especial the 4th instalment of the series. After Yesterday’s episode, lets discuss what can happen as we move forward.

Coroner Season 4 episode 3 Plot

Jenny Cooper, a recently widowed coroner in Toronto, is examining unusual, unnatural, and abrupt deaths. Jenny uses her intuition as well as her brains and heart to solve cases with the support of Homicide Detective Donovan “Mac” McAvoy, a man who isn’t afraid to question the current quo; pathologist Dr. Dwayne Allen, his assistant River Baitz; and Jenny’s assistant Alison Trent, who keeps it real.

Jenny is also dealing with clinical anxiety, a teenage son, Ross, who is still grieving his father’s loss, and the potential of establishing a new relationship with the enigmatic Liam, all while solving strange deaths.

Coroner Season 4 episode 3 Recap

It’s time for Jenny to return after Donovan. So, she’ll be returning to her position as Coroner, but she has a run-in with her new replacement. Dr. Elijah Thompson isn’t exactly cooperating with the rest of the team. As a result, there are ego confrontations. Either they either work together or one of them must leave.

This episode deals with the individualistic issues more than the real ones. The crowd certainly wanted ‘The Coroner’ to return but no return comes without a cost and Dr. Jenny Cooper certainly pays her cost of return.


According to updates, the next episode of the Coroner is set to release on 20th January 2022. It’s alleged title would be ‘Neighborhood watch’.

Synopsis: In a rapidly gentrifying Chinatown, the death of an elderly Chinese restaurant owner has sparked uproar. No more information has been released yet. Only thing known is that it will focus on the Chinatown and a mysterious murder. Classic Coroner! Stay tuned to C.W. on the 20th of January to watch the episode.

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