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Cities: Skyline is a 2015 simulation game created by Colossal Order and published by Paradox interactive. It gives you an open canvas to build your city upon. But, this is not the end of it. Not only do you have to create your city but also look after it. This means overlooking over transportation, area planning, taxation and much more.


The game is basically Sims on steroids because everything Sims does, this games has does it on a larger scale. The player begins with a parcel of land – roughly comparable to a 2-by-2-kilometer. Along with that, the player also gets an interchange exit off a nearby highway and a small sum of in-game money too attract inhabitants to move in and provide them with work. the player continues to build roads, residential, industrial, and commercial zones, as well as essential amenities like as power, water, and sewage.

The player unlocks new city upgrades when the city grows beyond specific population tiers. This includes schools, fire stations, police stations, health care facilities, waste management systems, tax and government edicts, mass transit systems, and other city management elements. One such feature allows the player to define districts in their city as well.

How to build American Buildings in the game?

Cities: Skylines helps the players to create their own city, the way they want. As a result, they offer several building options and styles to choose from. The base model of the game comes with just two – American and European. But, in 2022, you can get a lot of mods on the internet ranging from medieval to futuristic.

The District Menu is the most convenient way to alter building styles in-game, such as the American style. Players must first paint a district in order for a default name to show. Then interact with this default name to bring up the District Menu, where the District Style drop-down menu should be shown in the bottom right. It should be simple to select the preferred construction style from here, including the American style, which is one of the default styles in the basic game. Users who have downloaded user-made styles from the Steam Workshop and activated them in the Content Manager in the main menu of Cities: Skylines will see them show in the District Style sub-menu within the District Menu. The same process can be used if you are using external mods.

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