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Sims is a series of life simulation video games developed by Maxis and published by EA games. It is among the of the oldest game which still exists. The gaming series is world popular and franchise has sold 200 million copies so far .

Sims: A life to live

The game released in February 2000. It would celebrate its 22nd birthday on 4th February 2022!! This is a free-of-mission game in which you have to live your life as a normal human. From normal human, I mean you need to the daily task like eating, sleeping etc. You also need to buy house or you can also make one.


Then, you create a sim, a type of dummy human like you create your family. You can live your life with dummy mother and father. In the game, you marry and have children naturally. With Sims 4 coming, we will see the newest features like we would have Ghosts, Vampires, Mermaids in the game. The game features this sort of character. Sims 4 released in November 2017.

Acting like Human


In the game player must take decisions like normal human being like Hunger, Social, Fun, Comfort, Hygiene, Bladder, Room and Energy. If you don’t perform these activities, the Sim might get ill and eventually die in the game. But it doesn’t end here. Sim will become ghost and come back to the house where it lived. It will haunt the other peoples.

How to “remove buffs” in game?


The “remove all buffs” is a cheat in the game which removes all the emotions and mood lets from the Sim. This cheat is very important as if your Sim is filled of negative emotions, then using this cheat will empty Sim’s emotion and then you can fill positive emotions in it. But unfortunately, EA games later decided to unable this cheat as it creates a break time-to-time. So, they have banned this cheat codes from 2018.

Well, there are many other unfavorable ways through which you can reinvent the cheats in game but you should not do it as it may infect the game with virus and malwares.

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