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Genshin Impact is a vast world with countless possibilities and ventures to indulge yourself in apart from the main story. These side quests and resource farming voyages are as fun as the main story. This is because they equally instill the feeling of accomplishment similar to that when you complete the main quests. One such farm-able resource is the Starsilver ore.

What is the Starsilver ore?

Starsilver is a new ore that players can use to make new weapons at the blacksmith in Genshin Impact’s Version 1.2 update. There are many places to farm in Genshin Impact Starsilver, here are the most condensed spots and shortest paths. In Genshin Impact, the Version 1.2 update introduced Starsilver and Crimson Agate, which can be delivered to the Frostbearing Tree in exchange for prizes.

Genshin Impact: Starsilver Ore Guide

You will have to do a quest called Festering Fang when exploring the new location Dragonspine, and they will be charged with finding 50 Starsilver after finding 3 Strange Teeth. This may seem like a lot, but the ore may be collected rapidly by following a particular path. Keep in mind that you can only find Starsilver ore in Dragonspine.

Is it useful?

Travelers can visit the blacksmith after collecting enough Starsilver to make new Dragonspine weapons and the Warming Bottle. These became a part of Genshin Impact with the 1.2 release. While the Warming Bottle only costs 2 Starsilver to create, the weapons each require 50 Starsilver, therefore travelers who want these uncommon weapons will need to harvest the resource.

Genshin Impact: Starsilver Ore Guide

One of the weapons in the Dragonspine Spear. It also requires 8 Festering Teeth and completion of the Festering Fang global quest to obtain the spear’s blueprint. Normal and charged strikes have a 60% chance of dropping an icicle above them with it. Snow-Tombed Starsilver is another claymore that uses Genshin Impact’s Starsilver ore, but players believe it will be a formidable weapon for the upcoming five-star Cryo character Eula, especially for those who can’t afford to pull five-star weapons from the gacha because it can be crafted at the Blacksmith’s.

Where can you find it Genshin Impact Starsilver?

It takes a long time for Starsilver to replenish in Genshin Impact because it is a rare resource. It takes 48 hours to respawn, just like Crystal Chunks, however, there are far over 50 deposits near Dragonspine. Traveling along the outskirts of Dragonspine is the quickest way to get a huge number of Star silver. Some deposits will even drop three to four Starsilver.

Genshin Impact: Starsilver Ore Guide

Players should be able to obtain a lot of Starsilver by wandering throughout the outside edges and beaches of Dragonspine. It’s best to equip a character wielding a claymore as a weapon. These include characters such as Diluc or Razor, to speed up the procedure. Characters like Amber or Klee, who use explosives, will also work nicely.

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