Enter the Gungeon has made quite a name for itself given its basic gameplay style. It is renowned for its story mode and simple gameplay. But, Many players don’t even know that they can play co-op and thus cannot enjoy the full gaming experience. We are here to help.

Plot: Enter the Gungeon

The action of Enter the Gungeon takes place in the Gungeon, a shape-shifting dungeon on Gunymede, a faraway planet populated by living bullets and other bizarre firearm-related lifeforms. A rumour spreads around the galaxy that a massive bullet came from space and smashed into Gunymede’s surface, destroying a fortress in the process. Its magic developed an infinitely powerful time machine, as well as a rifle that can kill the past.

To protect the gun, the castle was rebuilt with the strictest security systems, and adventurers known as “gungeoneers” came from all across the galaxy to claim their chance to change their fate. The player can take on the role of one of eight gungeoneers, each with their own backstories and regrets, as they enter the citadel and descend into the Gungeon in search of the gun to right their wrongs.

Can you even play co-op?

Players of Enter the Gungeon will be pleased to learn that the game does offer co-op multiplayer, although it can only be done locally and for up to four players at a time.

While there are four playable characters to choose from, the main player can only choose one of them, and the second player controls a fifth character known as The Cultist.

How to play multiplayer?

A second person can join in the fun by connecting a second controller to their preferred console. The main character should now proceed to the hub area, which is where the four characters are located. The Cultist, dressed in a purple robe, stands to the right of these characters. When you speak with them, they will ask if you want to start co-op mode. Players that choose “yes” for Enter the Gungeon will be able to control the Cultist. This also enables them to assist the other player in defeating the dungeon bosses.

If one of the players dies during a run, the other player can resurrect the deceased player. You can do this by locating them within a chest. Players can also utilise the Cultist’s heart item bring them back to life, but they can only do so once. Players should have an easier time overcoming the difficult foes in Enter the Gungeon once they have a second person to assist them.

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