The Outer Worlds is an award-winning single-player RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division. As you explore a space colony, the character you decide to come will determine how this player-driven story unfolds.

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher: Private Division
Released: 23 Oct 2020
TAGS: Action RPG, Open World, RPG

The Outer Worlds

List of Top 3 Weapons of the Outer Worlds and how to get it.

In this article, we mainly talked about the best of the best TOP 3 weapons with details in The Outer Worlds Game.

1. Deadeye Assault Rifle II of the Outer Worlds

Deadeye Assault Rifle II

Its name may sound like it is a rapid-fire weapon like an assault rifle, although this is a sniper rifle. Available to buy from Gladys on the Groundbreaker after achieving player LVL 22 or higher, this is one of the best sniper rifles in the game.

Weapon Stats:-

Damage: 263

DPS: 525

Skill: Long Guns

Clip Size: 6

Reasons Why the Deadeye Assault Rifle is greater:-

It has Execution special ability.

It is one of the highest damaging guns.

How to obtain the Deadeye Assault Rifle II:-

First, you need to reach player LVL 22, then go to the Groundbreaker.

Make your direction to the Rest and Go.
Talk to Gladys Kulkelly in her cabin, and ask what she has for the deal.

2. Assault Rifle Ultra of the Outer Worlds

Assault Rifle Ultra

It is available in a drop or at shops or vending machines after your player reaches LVL 20. The Assault Rifle Ultra is the highest damage point in the game.

Weapon Stats:-

Damage: 82

DPS: 629

Skill: Long Guns

Clip Size: 24

Reason Why the Assault Rifle Ultra is great:-

Has a special effect.

Can be upgraded with Tinker skill.

How to get Assault Rifle Ultra:-

You can get it when you reach player LVL 20.

3. Supper Time of the Outer Worlds

Supper Time is an extraordinary version of the Officer’s Spine knife that is found in the game, with increased attack speed. After a normal 3-hit combo it swings faster than normal.

Weapon Stats:-

Damage: 75

DPS: 151

Skill: 1-Handed Melee

Reason Why the Officer’s Spine is great:-

High damage by default, but damage increases over the period.

Has a special effect.

How to get the Officer’s Spine:-

Go to Monarch.

Speak with Velma Ballard in Stellar Bay.

Take the quest and look for Braxton.

Continue the quest until you travel to the family who lives outside the town.

Explore the upper area of the house to find the knife.

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