Resident Evil Village: Mother Miranda - Latest Updates

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Mother Miranda is one of the villains in the Resident Evil gaming series. Also, she is the main antagonist in the 2021 release game Resident Evil Village. Developed by Capcom, this game is the sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. In the game, she is a tall lanky woman with evil motives. This article dives into the character of Mother Miranda.

About Mother Miranda

She is a biologist and also the leader of Four Houses, a mysterious cult in the village. Also, she is a brilliant scientist who discovered Eveline and Mold. But she uses her vast knowledge for bad purposes as she tries to perform a ceremony. Though from a personal perspective, she tries to find a vessel for her dead daughter, Eva.

Resident Evil Village: Mother Miranda - Latest Updates

Her misery is because of her late daughter who died of the Spanish Flu. This made her depressed and she even attempted to commit suicide.

Resident Evil Village: Mother Miranda - Latest Updates

However, in an attempt to do so, she gained some powers such as regeneration and immortality. She also gained advanced expertise in biology and with this, she tries to find a way to resurrect her lost daughter.

Other Information

Mother Miranda tests her invention on villagers and this turns them into Lycans. Also, with the help of the Mold, she can shapeshift. But soon her motives were found by Chris Redfield who tries to kill her. Another person named Ethan also confronts Mother Miranda. Ethan is also one of the victims of the Mold, as he and Chris try to put an end to her.

Resident Evil Village: Mother Miranda - Latest Updates

Later she tries to use Rosemary Winters, the daughter of Ethan Winters as a vessel to revive Eva. She chose Rosemary because she believes Rose is her daughter. But, in the end, Ethan defeated Mother Miranda and spoiled her ceremony to put an end to her madness.

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