Mafia has been one of the most underrated open world experiences. Not a lot of people play the game after it’s initial period of hype. Mostly, because it may require some amount of pre requisite interest and knowledge about the mafia. Nonetheless, for all those who want to start playing the game, Let us tell you how long the new remake is.

Plot: Mafia – definitive edition

During the Great Depression in 1930, two members of the Salieri crime family, Paulie Lombardo and Sam Trapani, blackmail destitute cab driver Thomas “Tommy” Angelo into assisting them in escaping an ambush by the rival Morello family. Tommy gets a reward for his assistance and has an offer of a place in Don Salieri’s organisation.

Tommy begins assisting his consigliere Frank Colletti in running Salieri’s rackets across Lost Heaven after extracting vengeance on his assailants. During the missions they do together, he befriends Paulie and Sam and earns Salieri’s respect by resisting Don Morello’s attempts to take over his businesses.

Gameplay: Mafia – definitive edition

Mafia: Definitive Edition is a full remake of the original, with new assets and an extended story. however, missions and arcs from the original game are still present. Players control Tommy Angelo throughout the single-player campaign, like they did in the 2002 game. Plus, you can see the game’s world on foot or by car. The addition of motorcycles to the remake is a first for the franchise. The gameplay principles of Mafia: Definitive Edition are based on those of Mafia III. A ‘Classic Difficulty’ setting is also featured, which serves as the game’s most severe difficulty setting, altering gameplay features such as ammo management and police response to crimes, and bringing the game closer to the original 2002 game.

The game includes a unique Free Ride mode. This is outside of the main story mode “as a throwback to the original game,”. This allows the player to explore the city at their leisure with no obligatory mission goals. Free Ride and Free Ride Extreme are fused into one game mode. But, the latter’s outrageous and over-the-top side missions incorporated into the main Free Ride portion as hidden mysteries to be discovered by the player, unlike in the original game.

How long will it take to beat the game?

To put it another way, players should anticipate to finish Mafia: Definitive Edition in about 15 hours. This is in line with the original release’s average completion time. While fans who collect all of the game’s trinkets Mafia: Definitive Edition’s race mission may get a lot more time out of it.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is roughly 10.5 hours long when focused on the primary objectives. If you’re a gamer who wants to see it all, you’ll need about 25 hours to finish it. In general, the story is short and will not take a lot of time to complete and thoroughly enjoy.

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