Genshin Impact: Noctilucous Jade Location - Guide

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Genshin Impact is a game with abundant minerals and materials. Of these materials, some are available only in a specific region. These are called Local Specialities. The Noctilucous Jade is one such material that is found only in the nation of Liyue. Often many players struggle to find this gemstone. Here is how you do it.

About Noctilucous Jade

The Noctilucous Jade is a mutated gemstone in Genshin Impact. It is a special mineral that glitters during nighttime. As mentioned earlier, it comes under the local speciality category as the players can find this only in Liyue.

Genshin Impact: Noctilucous Jade Location - Guide

Also, Noctilucous Jade is a combination of various elements in the game. Though the players can buy this mineral, it is also available in some specific areas in Liyue. It is important to find this mineral as it plays a significant role in completing the Big Business quest.

How to Get it?

Those players who are ready to spend some money can buy Noctilucous Jade from Shitou. He is a non-playable character and the players can find him in the Liyue Harbor. He sells only five Noctilucous Jades which costs 1,000 Mora each.

Genshin Impact: Noctilucous Jade Location - Guide

Those who can’t afford money for this should head towards Mingyun Village Liyue. Though it is also available in the other regions of Liyue, it is concentrated in this area. Furthermore, the players should search around the mines and mountains of Mingyun Village where many blue coloured nodes of Noctilucous Jade are present.

Genshin Impact: Noctilucous Jade Location - Guide

To get the mineral, the players should use blunt attacks to destroy these nodes. On destroying each node, the players will get up to three Noctilucous Jades. By doing so, the players can gather a handful of this mineral. Moreover, it also helps in a side quest in the Big Business quest. Also, the players can save their money by using this method.

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