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Digital Princess AKA Marissa Cloutier is a 24 year old YouTube and Twitch streamer as well as a TikTok celebrity. She also goes by the name ‘Pokeprincxss’ as she is obsessed with Pokémon. So much so that she even has tattoos of several Pokémon inked on her body. Nowadays, she is kind of under the radar. Why? Lets find out.

Who is Digital Princess?

Digital Princess an internet celebrity who is quite active on social media sites, having over 2.2 million followers on TikTok. She is also active on platforms with large fan bases, such as Instagram and Twitter, where she shares her latest news with her followers. Doing Pokémon artworks is also one of her interests, since she was 18 years old, and as you may know, she is also an OnlyFans model. She has since changed her name to Digitalprincxss from Pokeprincxss.

It is out in the open that she has lost her hype. This is because the only reason she got famous was because of another one of her controversies. She has been arrested and sued multiple times. Plus, there is the court of public opinion because she is ridiculed for whatever she does.

Digital Princes Controversies

Marissa “Digitalprincxss” Cloutier, a TikTok star, Twitch streamer, and adult performer, was reportedly arrested and charged with child neglect in Lee County, Florida. The event happened on Tuesday, August 24th, according to the police report. Cloutier’s son was allegedly spotted crying alone in the yard by neighbors, who phoned the cops. Cloutier’s home door was open when cops arrived, and the TikTok star was nowhere to be seen.

Marissa Cloutier confessed that she had put her son to bed earlier than she had previously stated and had driven 11 kilometers to visit a friend. She said that the laundry detergent had not been purchased recently but had been in the trunk of her car, and that she did have a support system in Florida, with family who lived close by. Cloutier then told police that her anxiousness caused her to lie, and she felt compelled to make up a tale to get out of trouble.

Cloutier’s mother was reportedly sent to the scene to care for Cloutier’s son while police detained the TikTok star. The arrest was announced on social media a few days later. This caused Cloutier to respond with a video on her Digitalprincxss TikTok account. The video has now been taken down, but others have saved and shared it. Cloutier stated in the TikTok video that she wasn’t attempting to dodge the matter. She also stated that a lot of information on the internet is “extremely out of context.” “Please do not believe everything you read on the internet,” she warned. Cloutier previously got into difficulties with Nintendo since she used to go by the moniker Pokeprincxss and her online persona was heavily influenced by the Pokémon franchise.

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