Destiny 2: Dark Ether Cane Everything You Need to Know

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Destiny 2 is a free multiplayer shooting game. Activision released this game on September 6, 2017. Gaming giant Bungie developed this game. Destiny 2 was later re-released as Destiny 2: New Light. Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows are the platforms to play this game. The game features an ingredient called Dark ether Cane and this article showers light on that.

Destiny 2: Story and Updates

This game happens in a fictional world. First-person perspective is the only way to play this game. The player plays a role of a Guardian. So, the Guardian protects a city, which powers the human race. Destiny 2 has two game types, Player vs Player and Player vs Environment. Player vs Player mode features deathmatch and other missions. Whereas, Player vs Environment consists of three-player and six-player matches.

Destiny 2: Dark Ether Cane Everything You Need to Know

In Destiny 2, the player competes against each other online. The game also provides voice access to the players in a team. Destiny 2 consists of three characters. The player can play any one of Hunter, Titan and Warlock. Each character has a special ability. In addition to this, the player can roam freely and can also interact with the Non-Playable Characters.

Dark Ether Cane: How to get it

In Destiny 2, an event called Dawning 2021 provides players with an option to make some treats. To make that, the players need some ingredients and should farm them. One such ingredient is Dark Ether Cane. The players first need to go to Dreaming city. But, the players need to be careful as this place is occupied by Scorn, a type of enemy. Dreaming City is a good place to look for the ingredient because the Rift Generator Public Event ensures there is a lot of chance to farm it. Therefore, the players can stockpile a large amount of Dark Ether Cane.

Destiny 2: Dark Ether Cane Everything You Need to Know

The next place to look for Dark Ether Cane is Hollowed Liar. This is generally a safe place to farm the ingredient but it may not be as efficient as Dreaming City. The final option to look for the ingredient is Tangled Shore. This is the best place to find the ingredient. The advantage comes at a cost as Tangles Shore is full of Scorns. Nevertheless, the players should find it easy to farm Dark Ether Cane.

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