Cookie Run: Kingdom-Pure Vanilla Cookie Beginner's Guide

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Cookie Run: Kingdom is the sixth game in the series. It is a role-playing fantasy game and belongs to the Cookie Run franchise. Devsisters Corporation developed and published this game. This game was released on January 21, 2021, for iOS and Android users. The game contains many playable characters called Cookies. This article explains a unique Cookie known as Pure Vanilla Cookie.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Gameplay

Cookie Run: Kingdom is an online multiplayer game. The players play the character of Cookie. Each Cookie is different and has special abilities. The game has eight different types of Cookies. The players get a piece of land at the start of the game and should build various structures in it. Other than this, the players should complete many missions and can collect rewards.

Cookie Run: Kingdom-Pure Vanilla Cookie Beginner's Guide

The Pure Vanilla Cookie comes under healing type cookie. Though the game features many cookies, it has two special Cookies called ancient Cookies. These are deemed as legendary Cookies. Pure Vanilla is one of the two ancient Cookies. Because of these impressive stats, the Pure Vanilla Cookie is very tough to get.

Pure Vanilla Cookie: How To Obtain It?

Though it is very rare to get Pure Vanilla, there are two ways the players can try to get him. The first way to get him is by collecting his soul stones. These soul stones are available in the battle store. It can also be obtained from the Cookie Gacha, which is like a vending machine. But, there is only a 0.308% chance to get the soul stones. After collecting 20 soul stones, these can be exchanged for the Pure Vanilla Cookie.

Cookie Run: Kingdom-Pure Vanilla Cookie Beginner's Guide

The second way to get him is directly through the Cookie Gacha. There is a 0.054% chance to obtain him by this way. Though the odds are incredibly less, the players can get the Cookie. And, in case the players receive him another time, they will get 20 soul stones instead.

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