Bob’s Burger is a an American animated sitcom created by Loren Bouchard. It first broadcasted on Fox Channel on 9th  January 2011 and now has come up with the 12th season in 2021. Let’s know more about it.

Bob’s Burger

Bob’s Burger; The “Family” show

Bob’s Burger is based on the life of Bob Belcher, a third generation restaurateur who deals with various situation in his ongoing life. He also owns a restaurant which he has dreamt of with the help of an edgy wife and three underachieving children.

Bob’s Burger

The series shows the daily life in the resaturant and the daily customers who visit the restaurant. Bob also has a few regular customers who appears nearly in every show. In few episodes, they show the three kids and their aspiring hopes and dreams.

Bob’s Burger: Exciting characters

The series show the family of Bob with a wife and three children. Thirteen year old Tina, at beginning of her adolescences struggles with the attraction to boys. Eleven-year old Gene wants to be a musician and consequently carries a board all time.

Bob’s Burger

Louise, the third kid is the trouble maker. She seeks revenges and play naughty sometimes but she is also afraid of dentist and Linda is the mother of these kids and wife of Bob. She is a happy-go person and eccentric with a good sense of humor.

Season 12, Epsiode 10, Spoilers

The 10th epsiode of Bob’s Burger will release on 19th December 2021 eventually. In 9th episode, we saw Susmita offers help to Linda in her photography class assignment. We also saw a visit from a woman who lives in Belcher’s appartment and Gene’s cracks a 70s music.

Bob’s Burger

So, in 10th episode we will see after Gene cracks the extremely rare Christmas record and Tina and Louise join her in the another copy. We will also see Uncle Teddy who wants to join Bob and Linda.

The synopsis of the story tells that the epsiode will be interesting with a blend of weired characters playing role.

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