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Stardew Valley has caused waves in the gaming industry. It has hooked on millions of players and even the content related to the game is getting clicks and views. This brings us to our guide of Stardew Valley professions where we will talk about the base level of 5 professions to help you decide what you want.

Farming professions

Tiller is the greatest Profession to choose at level 5. Players will frequently find themselves selling surplus harvests for cash, with only a few being employed in recipes or handcrafted goods. As a result, having a bonus that boosts the selling price of them is always a fantastic idea. Rancher, on the other hand, is a poor choice since selling animal products without first turning them into excellent handcrafted goods is never a good idea. You can follow this up by becoming an Artisan at level 10.

Mining professions

Gems aren’t really useful in Stardew Valley, but they sell for a good price. Having more of them is thus beneficial, even if the Miner profession, which gives +1 ore per vein, may appear appealing. Geologist, on the other hand, has superior level 10 professions than Miner, so it’s a much better choice in the long run and will make you more money. Gems are also a good present for some locals. You can follow this up by being a Gemologist at level 10.

Foraging professions

Because foraging is so simple to conduct in the beginning of the game, it’s a no-brainer. Wood is plentiful in Stardew Valley on any given day, rendering the Forester profession nearly useless. However, foraged seasonal products can make excellent villager gifts if saved throughout the year or sold for a profit. The double harvest benefit is wonderful since it increases the chances of finding even more of those uncommon seasonal products that may be used to build inexpensive artisan goods. You can follow this up by being a Botanist at level 10.

Fishing professions

This is again another modest price increase, but these are the vocations from which players can benefit the most. Early on, fishing with a lousy rod can be difficult, thus it’s ideal to have a reasonable selling price for the fish that players do manage to catch. The Trapper profession is rather ineffective, as it only reduces the crafting resources required to build a crab pot, which isn’t particularly expensive. You can follow this up by being an Angler at level 10.

Combat professions

It’s a no-brainer to choose this over Scout, which raises critical probability by 50%. It is a better balanced option that boosts not only damage but also defenses. This gives the player a little more HP. It’s a great general boost early on. Plus, it doesn’t push players to make a severe choice. Moreover, the Fighter profession also has a lot more level 10 professions to unlock.

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