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Ousama Ranking or Ranking of kings is an Anime everyone is talking about. It is primarily a fantasy-comedy anime which revolves around Kings of various Kingdoms and their ranks. This rank system is based on a variety of factors. With a fantastic start to the season, Lets discuss what episode 12 can bring to the table.

Plot – Ousama Ranking

Bojji is a helpless prince who can’t even handle a child’s sword since he’s deaf. He works hard as the firstborn son and aspires to be the greatest king in the world. People, on the other hand, murmur about how he is too inept to be king.

Undeterred, Bojji makes his first buddy, ‘Kage'(shadow), an actual shadow on the ground that somehow understands Bojji. (Kage is the last surviving member of the Kage assassin clan.) Kage, no longer a killer, now survives by stealing.) Bojji’s coming-of-age is chronicled as he encounters numerous people throughout his life, beginning with his fatal encounter with Kage.

Who is Bojji? What makes him special?

Bojji is a young boy who is unusually small. He had black hair, black eyes, and rosy red cheeks, with a single strand jutting onto his forehead. He’s dressed in a blue suit with white tights and hose, black shoes, and a small crown on his head. Bojji’s original crown has been lost, and he now wears a fabric crown fashioned for him by Kage that is remarkably comparable.

Bojji is clever, sympathetic, and hyper-aware of the people around him, despite the fact that most of the Bosse Kingdom dismisses him as deaf and dumb. He is incredibly generous and compassionate, even in situations of harm and humiliation. Bojji is a dedicated worker with a genuine heart, qualities that pull people to him even if they don’t always understand him.

Recap & Updates

Domas and Hokuro are shown training while the former observes that Bosse appeared to be guarding someone. The action then shifts to the king of the underworld, Desha, who discovers that six of his most dangerous inmates have been teleported from their cells. Miranjo was the one who took the detainees and returned to Apeas, who was waiting for her. Miranjo’s adult body is shown, but it is mostly artificial, and Miranjo has very little control over it.

The last of episode 11 shows that Bosse in Daida’s body is outnumbered by 6 men with swords. Now episode 12 begins the second phase of the show with a new story arc and new characters. It even has a new intro and outro. But, the central theme of the show is not lost. The humor and light hearted moments are still the same. The show may have gotten a bit darker. This is all we can say about it without spoiling the show. So, the people who have kept it on hold must watch it as it can be the beginning of a new direction for the beloved anime.

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