Final Fantasy X: All Seven Ultimate Weapons

Final Fantasy X or FFX is a 2001 action role-playing game. This is the tenth game in the Final Fantasy series. FFX is a fantasy-based game where a group of characters fights against monsters. The game also has a total of seven playable characters and each character has a uniquely powerful weapon. These weapons are categorized as Celestial Weapons or Ultimate Weapons. This article features all the Ultimate Weapons of the seven characters.

Final Fantasy X: Ultimate Weapons

1. Godhand

Final Fantasy X: All Seven Ultimate Weapons

Godhand is the Celestial Weapon of Rikku. It is the most powerful weapon at Rikku’s disposal. Also, the power of this weapon is directly proportional to the health of Rikku. To get this weapon, the player should enter “GODHAND” on the airship’s map screen. Next, the player should follow the Mushroom Rock to get the treasure chest. Next, the player should open this chest using Celestial Mirror to get Godhand.

2. Onion Knight

Final Fantasy X: All Seven Ultimate Weapons

The Onion Knight is Lulu’s Ultimate Weapon. To get this the player should defeat Geosgaeno which in turn gives a treasure chest to the player. But this chest can be opened by the Celestial Mirror. also, it is maximized by Venus Crest and Venus Sigil. While the former is found in Guadosalam, the latter can be obtained in the Thunder Plains.

3. Spirit Lance

Final Fantasy X: All Seven Ultimate Weapons

Spirit Lance is the Celestial Weapon of Kimahri. To get this, the player should pray in front of the three tombstones in the Thunder Plains. Next, the player will get a treasure chest by following the ghost of a Cactuar. Now with the help of Celestial Mirror, Saturn Crest and Saturn Sigil, the chest can be opened to get Spirit Lance.

4. Masamune

Final Fantasy X: All Seven Ultimate Weapons

Masamune is the Celestial Weapon of Auron. The player can get this weapon by obtaining Rusty Sword at the Cavern of Stolen Fayth. Next, the player should reach the statue of Lord Mi’ihen and react with the celestial mirror. Finally, with Mars Crest and Mars Sigil, the Masamune can attain its maximum power.

5. World Champion

Final Fantasy X: All Seven Ultimate Weapons

World Champion is the most powerful weapon of Wakka. It can be obtained by securing at least a third place in the Blitzball tournament. Next, the player should meet the Cafe owner in Luca Square. After getting the weapon, it can be attained to its full potential by using Jupiter Crest and Jupiter Sigil.

6. Nirvana

Nirvana is the Ultimate Weapon of Yuna. Furthermore, it is obtained by completing a side quest at the Calm Lands Monster Arena. By capturing nine monsters, this quest can be completed. Also, the player needs to return to the Arena to get the weapon. Finally, the player can fully power Nirvana by using Moon Crest and Moon Sigil.

7. Caladbolg

Caladbolg is the Celestial Weapon of Tidus. To obtain the weapon, the player should complete the Chocobo Trainer side quest. Also, the player should head towards the Northwest pathway in the Calm Lands to get the weapon. Like other weapons, the player can maximize it by using crest and sigils. In Caladbolg’s case, it can be done by using Sun Crest and Sun Sigil.

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