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More than 9 years have gone by since Faster Than Light was released as a space top-down perspective game. Still, a lot of players have remained loyal to the game to this date and many new players have also joined. Even a franchise like GTA had dropped the top-down perspective by 2002 but something about this game makes it work. Well, a veteran or someone just joining the game, Lets look at ways of unlocking every ship in the game.

Plot: Faster Than Light

The player is in charge of a spacecraft that can travel faster than light (FTL). It is part of the Galactic Federation. It is on the verge of defeat in a conflict with the Rebellion, an exclusively human and xenophobic rebel movement.

The player’s crew intercepts a data packet from the rebel fleet that contains information. That information could destabilize the rebels and lead to a Federation victory. The last sector concludes with a combat against the Rebel Flagship, a multi-stage struggle that determines whether the Federation wins or loses.

How to unlock all ships in the game?

  1. Federation cruiser: Travel to any ordinary beacon in a Rebel Stronghold Sector. It may land you in a “vast rebel shipyard.” Looking around, the players will notice a second Rebel Flagship. Destroying it or killing all of its crew will give you a lot of resources and allow you to use the Federation Cruiser.
  2. Zoltan cruiser: While traveling through the galaxy, you will need to enter the Zoltan Homeworld Sector. You will encounter a Zoltan Peace Envoy when you enter a regular beacon. It will give you an option to either attack them or hear them out. DO NOT ATTACK THEM! Talk to them about maintaining peace. The Zoltan captain will get impressed and the ship is yours.
  3. Engi Cruiser: Just reach sector 5 with the original ship.
  4. Lanius cruiser: Just unlock four other ships.
  5. Mantis cruiser: In the Mantis Homeworld Sector, send a non-distress signal and defeat the crew on the Mantis ship. Note that simply destroying the ship will not work.
  6. Rock cruiser: A non-distress beacon with a ship encounter will bring players up against a huge Rock War Vessel when exploring a Rock Homeworld Sector. They’ll taunt the player, who will have to bite back. They’ll offer another beacon coordinates. Go to the Rock Ship and attack it.
  7. Stealth cruiser: Use the standard beacon on Engi’s homeworld. To begin the mission, players will require an Engi crew member. The Engi will inform the player at the beacon that the Mantis had stolen some advanced technology they were developing. Unfortunately, it’s possible that it’s onboard two ships. On the Sector map, there will be two mission markers: one legitimate and one fraudulent. Go there, fight the ship, and surrender when offered. On the Sector map, a new mission marker will be added. When you reach that marking, you will be against a Rebel-controlled Mantis spacecraft. If you defeat it, you’ll gain access to the Stealth Cruiser.
  8. Crystal cruiser: This necessitates discovering three beacons in a single run, which means players will have to rely on luck as well as the game’s permadeath feature.
  9. Slug cruiser: When entering a standard beacon with a ship-fight warning from Long Range Scanners in a Slug Home Nebula Sector, players will be confronted by a hostile Slug ship. They will surrender or bribe you with weapons. Instead, demand information. It will add a quest marker to your map. Go there A construction platform will be attacked by a Slug Cruiser. Keep an eye on the platform. To advance further, players must either posses Level 2 sensors or be a member of the Slug crew. They’ll spot an interceptor ship, which the player will have to combat. Keep an eye on the ship’s engines as it tries to depart. The ship is yours.

This is how you can find and unlock each and every ship on the game. Some are easy to do but some are difficult and based on pure luck. Try the difficult ones first and some of the easy ones will unlock by themselves.

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