Destiny 2 is a popular game for us not only because it has a huge player base but also due to its entertainment factor. It has a vast variety of addons and collectibles. These not only make the game interesting but also gives the audience something to grind for. One such collectible resource would be the Orbs of Power.

What do you mean by Orbs of Power In Destiny 2?

Currently, masterwork weapons are used to generate Orbs of Power in Destiny 2. On a multi-kill, a completely upgraded weapon (or an Exotic with a complete Catalyst) will generate Orbs of Power. Orbs give Guardians more Super energy and, with the right upgrades, may form the foundation of some of Destiny’s most powerful builds.

Destiny 2: Orbs of Power guide

Season 16 and The Witch Queen expansion will change that. Orbs of Power will generate via an armor mod rather than being related to weapons. Orbs of Power will drop on weapon multi-kills of a specific damage type as a result of the patch (kinetic, solar, arc, or void).

How to acquire Orbs of Power?

Orbs of Power are obtained in Destiny 2 by killing adversaries with Superpowers or completing multi-kills with masterwork weapons. When a player first casts their Super, a small number of Orbs of Power will be generated as well. They resemble small orbs of glowing light, and when summoned with a Super, they will fall to the Guardian who summoned them.

It’s worth noting that players can only gather Orbs of Power that they create themselves if they come from multi-kills with Masterworked weapons. A player’s own Super ability does not generate Orbs of Power, hence he/she cannot collect them. Finally, if a player dies, any Orbs of Power that they might generate but not gather would vanish.

Benefits of Orbs of Power?

Players can just stroll over Orbs of Power to gain a little quantity of energy for their Super ability.  Depending on the additional modifications the player has worn, the Charge will deliver varied benefits while Charged With Light. Two of the finest Destiny 2 PvE Charged With Light mods is Protective Light and High-Energy Fire, demonstrating how vital Orbs of Power have grown in the game.

There are also mods that benefit from picking up Orbs without having to use Charged With Light. Absolution, Better Already, and Recuperation are just a few of the fantastic modifications that any PvE player should have.

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