BlackCat Ransomware Breaches Over 60-plus Organizations

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In the ever-growing world, everything is slowly turning into digital form. But, this may lead to cyber-attacks as harmful malicious software is increasing day by day. Malware is a massive threat as far as cybersecurity is concerned. It disrupts the system and can leak sensitive information. Recently, a new type of malware named BlackCat Ransomware shook the digital world. Here are the latest updates about this latest ransomware.

BlackCat Ransomware

Ransomware is a subtype of malware as it demands a ransom after gaining access to your data. An example of this is the BlackCat Ransomware which hit the digital world in the later part of 2021. It was developed by some unknown gang known as the BlackCat Ransomware Gang. Also, this Ransomware is technically known as ALPHV.

BlackCat Ransomware Breaches Over 60-plus Organizations

Furthermore, it is the most sophisticated ransomware which affected many companies across the world. It is so different from other ransomware because this software is written in a special programming language known as Rust. Since most of the malware is C/C++ based, this Rust based malicious was somewhat new to the tech world. This was the main reason many organizations struggled to handle this virus.

FBI report

After some months of its introduction, BlackCat made headlines for all the wrong reasons, maybe right from its perspective. The Federal Bureau of Investigation reported that this unique ransomware affected over 60 organizations worldwide. The FBI also added that this is the first type of ransomware to use Rust.

BlackCat Ransomware Breaches Over 60-plus Orgs

Though the people behind this malware are unknown. the FBI speculates Blackmatter Crime Rings as the developers on BlackCat. Also, as per reports, it compromises the user credentials to gain access to an organization. Furthermore, it uses Windows Task Scheduler to disable security features. In this way, it steals unauthorized data. To prevent further ALPHV attacks, the FBI advises the organizations to review their security measures. FBI also added that companies should have backup and recovery options.

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