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Baby Steps is one of the most anticipated anime series of the year. Late last year, there were speculations that season 3 of Baby Steps will finally release in 2022. But, just next week, many subreddit forums started shedding light on the fact that maybe it’s not happening. As per now, no one can confirm anything but keep reading to find out.

Plot – Baby Steps

Hikaru Katsuki’s Baby Steps is a Japanese manga series. From October 2007 to November 2017, it was serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shnen Magazine. The chapters were a collection of 47 Tankbon volumes. Studio Pierrot adapted the manga into a twenty-five episode anime television series, which aired on NHK-E from April to September 2014. From April through September 2015, the studio released a second season with another 25 episodes. In 2014, Baby Steps won the 38th Kodansha Manga Award for the Best Shōnen Manga category.

Eiichir Maruo, a first-year honor student, decides one day that he is unhappy with the way things are and that he is not getting enough exercise. He comes across a leaflet for the Tennis Club and chooses to investigate. It captures his attention right away. He goes on a tennis trip with no prior expertise and low physical conditioning, relying on his wits, devotion, and work ethic. He employs his natural studious disposition in order to build a very strategic approach to tennis. Thus, taking notes on the habits and tendencies of his opponents thus allowing him to predict their shots before they make them.

Baby Steps season 3 updates

The third season has yet to be renewed or cancelled by Studio Pierrot. While many fans have raised concerns about the anime’s future, the studio has yet to respond. However, there are speculations that the anime is on the verge of being cancelled. The primary cause for this is due to the abrupt termination of the source material. Even though the Baby Steps was selling well in 2017, Kodansha decided to cancel it.

According to a MAL remark, the publishing house unnecessarily dismissed mangaka Hikaru Katsuki. According to the commenter, they had to cancel the manga because Weekly Shonen wanted to switch genres. This is not fair to the writers as well as the fans alike because the story itself had lots of potential. Although, no official source has confirmed this, the abrupt end of Baby Steps is nevertheless a shock to the show’s followers.

The prospects of Baby Steps Season 2 returning have likewise lessened now that the manga has ended. Most of the time, anime adaptations are made solely to promote the underlying content. Similarly, the network ordered the second season of Baby Steps just as the manga’s sales were peaking. Baby Steps Season 3 will have a difficult time finding producers because there is no substance to sell.

So fans can only expect a third season of the anime if the creators make more manga and manage to make it popular again which to think of it, is a long shot.

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