Top Five Best healers In Genshin Impact - Ranked

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Genshin Impact is a game with so many characters. More often than not the players concentrate only on the attacking stats of these characters. But, other aspects such as healing always flies under the radar. Along with attacking characters, healing characters determine the outcome of the battle. Especially in multiplayer games where healers play a major role. Currently, there are a total of nine healers in Genshin Impact. Of these, the best five healers are mentioned here.

Genshin Impact: Top Five Healers

5. Barbara

Top Five Best healers In Genshin Impact - Ranked

Barbara is a free hydro healer in Genshin Impact. Despite being a free healer, Barbara’s stats are impressive. She can be even used as a main healer. Though her heal burst takes some time to recharge, she is overall a good healer. Also, her hydro elemental power further helps in healing.

4. Kokomi

Top Five Best healers In Genshin Impact - Ranked

Similar to Barbara, Kokomi is also a hydro healer. But, she has better stats than Barabara, as Kokomi is rated 5-stars and comes under the S-tier. But despite her excellent healing stats, she suffers in other areas. She might not do good as offensive support, so players should concentrate on her healing powers by using her as the main healer.

3. Qiqi

Top Five Best healers In Genshin Impact - Ranked

Qiqi is also a 5-star S-tier healer. Also, her elemental power is Cryo and she is one of the best in terms of healing potential. Along with this, she also provides passive healing with her elemental skill and burst. But, like Barbara, she also has a long cooldown for her healing.

2. Jean

Though Jean is similar to Qiqi in terms of healing abilities, the former is a more complete healer than the latter. She is an Anemo healer who can also immobilize enemies with her elemental skill. Jean can act as a main heal and supporter simultaneously.

1. Noelle

Noelle is a 4-star S-tier Geo healer. Despite being rated as a 4-star healer, she is the best in the game as she is even more versatile than Jean. Along with her all-around abilities, she can also match the healing abilities of 5-star healers. She is also extremely durable and doesn’t go down easily.

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