True Nord: How OnePlus Revolutionized Mid-segment Phones

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Everyone wishes to have a smartphone with all possible features. But, these types of phones often come with a huge price. So, it is not always possible to have a smartphone with high-end features at an affordable price. But, OnePlus broke this trend as it started producing smartphones with more features at a considerable price. Here are the latest updates regarding this masterstroke.

Flagship and Mid-segment Phones

When it comes to smartphones the word “flagship” and “mid-segment” cannot go unmentioned. A flagship mobile is a costly smartphone with high-end features. However, everyone can’t afford it. As far as, a mid-segment phone is concerned, it aims to provide some advanced features at an affordable cost.

True Nord: How OnePlus Revolutionized Mid-segment Phones

But, millions of mobile users across the world expect a mixture of these two features. This is where the Chinese electronics giant stood out as the company started making flagship smartphones at less cost. Furthermore, the company also started to produce mid-segment mobiles with more flagship features.

OnePlus Nord Series

As mentioned earlier, OnePlus introduced its flagship phone at less cost in 2014. This was termed as “flagship killer” as it instantly gained fame in the tech world. But, this was just the start as the company had bigger plans in the future. In 2020, OnePlus revolutionized the mid-segment phone market by introducing the Nord series.

True Nord: How OnePlus Revolutionized Mid-segment Phones

OnePlus Nord is the start of something big as it managed to combine mid-segment and flagship phones. This smartphone comes under the mid-segment category, but, it had flagship-level features. A year later, in 2021, the company once again was among the news as it released OnePlus Nord CE. This took the mid-segment revolution to a whole new level as it offered many fancy features at a low price.

True Nord: How OnePlus Revolutionized Mid-segment Phones

At just 23,000, the Nord CE offered 5G connectivity, an AMOLED display, 64 MP rear camera, 16 MP front camera, 4,500 mAh battery, etc. This model was folwed by Nord CE 2 and Nord CE 2 Lite. Both these models carried the Nord legacy forward by being the best mid-segment smartphones of the year.

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