Super Mario: Bowser Everything You Need To Know

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Super Mario is an action platform game. Nintendo developed this game. This is a video game franchise and contains more than 200 games. The first game in this series was released on September 13, 1985. This game features a character called Mario, which is incredibly popular in the gaming world. Also, the game has many enemies and one of them is Bowser, which is a mythical dragon turtle.

Super Mario: Gameplay

Super Mario features two playable characters, Mario and Luigi. The player can play any one of them in single-player mode. In the case of multiplayer mode, both Mario and Luigi can be played. The main enemy of the game is Bowser, a fictional creature who captures Princess Peach Toadstool. So, Mario and Luigi overcome various obstacles to save the Princess from Bowser. The story takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario: Bowser Everything You Need To Know

Super Mario has various levels. In each level, the player moves from right to left by overcoming the approaching danger. Along with this Mario can also collect coins and dodge bricks. Mario can attack the enemies by jumping on them. At the end of each level, the player will reach a flagpole, which will complete the level.

Bowser: How tall is he?

As mentioned earlier, Bowser is the main villain of the game. Bowser is a large dragon turtle. He can roar and can also breathe fire. Also, Bowser captures Princess Peach Toadstool. He aims is to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom by defeating Mario and Luigi. He also has many minions working under him.

Super Mario: Bowser Everything You Need To Know

Bowser is the largest character in the Super Mario Franchise. He is double the size of Mario. The fans of Super Mario were often unsure about the height of Bowser. However, this issue was solved in 2015 as an actual sized statue of Bowser was released by the game developer Nintendo. The statue was 5 feet tall and the artwork was 230 pixels. By converting pixels to feet, the height of Bowser in the game was estimated to be 10 feet 2 inches. Even without these calculations, the fans know that Bowser is enormous and has a towering presence in the game.

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