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NBA 2k16 is a basketball simulation video game. It was developed by Visual Contacts and was published by 2K sports. The game released on 29th September 2015. It is available on MS Windows, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4.

NBA 2k16: National Basketball Association

NBA is the basketball game inspired the NBA, the basketball league in North America. It is the 17th installment in 2K franchise and successor to NBA 2k15. The game has rating of 8 and gives nearly real simulation of the basketball game.

NBA 2k16

There are various teams and various leagues available on the game. The teams and league are also from the real NBA.

The Director of game, Spike Lee wanted to create a perfect game even with all real data. So, he also met the players of NBA, the corporation of NBA to specifically know every player. He wanted to set precise details of every player, their techniques and their work in the game.

NBA 2k16

He has come up with the best results so far indeed. The NBA video game has precise detail for every player and has fantastic visuals making it all real for the basketball fans. It’s a great contribution to the people who love basketball.

Consequently, NBA 2k16 shipped 4 million copies in the first week itself and it would have increased further.

Tips and Tricks performed

Let’s discuss some of the tips and tricks about the game:

NBA 2k16

  • Know your team’s players: Each player has got special features like humans. So, know the release points and techniques he uses. Practice until you know it very well. This really improves your chances of scoring a basket.
  • Set your team’s emphasis: In the Coach setting, you could change your team’s emphasis point whether they need to basket closely or they can free fire the ball to the basket.
  • Posting up basics: You can use power dribbles, fake baskets, and perfect hook shots also to basket. This really improves your chances of winning a game.

So, these are a few tips to make you “perfect” in the game. Well, practice always makes a man perfect!!

NBA 2k16

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