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Minecraft is a game developed and published by Mojang studios. The game is all about survival. We need to survive by creating blocks, finding the food and struggle with the creatures found in the game.

Mines and Crafts

Minecraft is now available on Play stations also. This game has 3D visuals. The game is all about creating blocks in the three-dimensional world. You may create various kind of blocks by the material available there. But the twist appears when you play in the survival mode. There are a lot of competitors here and different bots who would try to destroy your material and try to equally fight you for any material. So, player needs resources to be alive and build the world.


Minecraft has been critically acclaimed and awarded many times. It has been included in the list of “Greatest games of all times”. The game has quite popular fan base with 4.6 ratings.

How to tame a llama in Minecraft?

Apart from the technical discussion going on, now let’s talk about an interesting feature on the game. You can tame various animals. Yes, it’s indeed a true fact.


Follow these steps to tame a llama in Minecraft:

  • Well, firstly you would require a few things in the game: 10 Wheat or 5 Hay Bales and last, but not the least, a Llama.
  • We can find Llamas in Windswept Hills, Windswept Forest and Savanna. Oops!!, we are talking about the virtual world. So, find these maps in the game and here, you can find a llama.


  • So, when you find a llama there, feed atleast 10 Wheats or 5 Hay Bales. Either would work.
  • Now taming, if you are playing on Xbox, press the LT button on controller. If you playing on PS, press the L2 button and if on Windows 10, right click in llama.
  • After feeding it the above things, you would be able to mount it further. Once you mount it, you can tame it and you will see the red hearts appear all around Llama. How lovely it is!!

So, here we complete our mission to tame a Llama. Change the camera angle and you would be able to see yourself on it. Capture some screenshots and share them proudly!!


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