Hades: Aspect of Lucifer Everything You Need To Know

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Hades is an American action-adventure game. It was released on September 17, 2020. Supergiant Games developed this game. This game has many weapons and Adamant Rail is one among them. This weapon has an upgrade known as Aspect of Lucifer. This article explains how to unlock it.

Hades: Story and Gameplay

In Hades, the player plays a character called Zagreus, Prince of the underworld. He is the son of Hades, the god of death. Zagreus aims to reach a place called Mount Olympus by escaping the underworld. While doing so, he faces many enemies and fights to overcome them. In this game, the player primarily has only melee weapons. But, some long-range weapons can be used as a secondary mode of attack. And, the player has some special abilities and access to unique weapons.

Hades: Aspect of Lucifer Everything You Need To Know

This game contains different levels called rooms. The player uses his magic and special abilities to complete each level. The people who help Zagreus are called Olympians. They will help him to fight the enemies by providing him with various abilities. The player can also power up his weapons by using different upgrades.

Adamant Rail: Aspect of Lucifer

Adamant rail is one of the unique weapons in the game. It is also known as Exagryph. In the game, this weapon is referred to as the Infernal Arm. It is a long-ranged weapon with a powerful rate of fire. This weapon also has Four upgrades or aspects. By spending Titan Blood, which is a type of currency in the game, the player can upgrade these aspects.

Hades: Aspect of Lucifer Everything You Need To Know

The Aspect of Lucifer is one of the upgrades for Adamant Rail. This aspect completely changes the appearance of the weapon and also its style of attack. To get Aspect of Lucifer, the player needs to first unlock the first three aspects. After doing so along with upgrading the aspects, the player should talk with Zeus, the brother of Hades. He will direct the player to find the Aspect of Lucifer. So, with the help of Zeus and the availability of enough Titan Blood, the player can unlock the Aspect of Lucifer.

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