Anyone having a history of playing Destiny 2 will tell you how exciting it is to farm mod components. Mod components are items that make your weapon stronger. Today we will give you a guide on how to find them.

What are Destiny 2 Mod For Farm components ?

In Destiny 2, Mod Components are a valuable resource that can be used to purchase mods from the Tower Gunsmith, Banshee-44, or Ada-1, the Armor Synthesis dealer. One may receive these items at random, but players can also gain them reliably through certain Gunsmith bounties.

Mod Components have been in Destiny 2 since the beginning. But, they are largely unnecessary for those who already own every mod available. Ada-1 was reinstated as a Tower vendor with Season of the Splicer. Now sells Armor Mods and hosts the contentious armor transmogrification system.

How to get Destiny 2 Mod components?

The sole way to gain Mod Components in Destiny 2 is to complete Gunsmith bounties. They may be purchased from Banshee in the Tower. Players receive two Mod Components for completing one of the usual daily bounties, but only one component for completing one of the daily recurring bounties.

Banshee’s daily bounties are relatively simple, requiring players to kill someone with a specified weapon or elemental damage type. Destiny 2 players will receive eight Mod Components if they fulfil all four of the daily Gunsmith bounties on a given day. The objectives of repeatable bounties are identical to those of daily bounties, although they may also demand players to kill with a specific weapon type without dying. Players should only grab the repeated bounties if they really need more Mod Components, as they cost 3,000 glimmer each and only yield a single Mod Component.

How to spend Mod components?

Banshee and Ada each have a revolving supply of two mods, each costing 10 Mod Components. These mods will improve the benefits of some weapon perks. They even offer passive enhancements to certain weapon attributes, such as in-air accuracy, aim assist, and readying speed after sprinting, and are absolutely worth exploring for.

Meanwhile, depending on the elemental energy type of the armor piece or mod, or the energy cost of the mod, Ada now sells two Armor Mods. These can be fitted into specific Legendary and Exotic Armor pieces. Combat Style Mods like Charged With Light and Warmind Cell are particularly beneficial for constructing Class setups. This is because they maximize the efficiency of a Subclass’ skills and a player’s weapon loadout.

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