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Some Pokémon are so powerful that they can defeat any other of its counterpart in the battlefield. Others are the ones who can take hits and not break a sweat. These two types of Pokémon are the ones that any player should definitely have on their roster. But, today we are here only to discuss the top 5 Pokémons with the highest defensive stats of them all.

5. Avalugg

When ice feels as if it’s made of steel, it’s probably an Avalugg, who has a base Defense of 184. This is the highest number of Ice-type Pokemon available. It’s only the tip of the iceberg. Avalugg is a mixture of the words “avalanche” and “lug” (meaning, dragging something that is heavy). BDS/base defensive stat = 184.

4. Regirock

Regirock, despite being constructed entirely of stones, has a base Defense stat of 200, making it the most defensive Legendary Pokémon in the series. It is obviously a golem, a rock golem, to be precise. Of fact, the name is a combination of the words “regis” (Latin for “royal”) and “rock”! When it comes to the Legendary Titans, this is the group’s strongest defence Pokemon. BDS = 200.

3. Steelix

Steelix, with a base Defense stat of 200, is the toughest metal on the planet. And no other Ground-type Pokemon comes close, as it has the most of them. Steelix is a steel snake who may have been influenced by a wyrm (dragon worm). In case it wasn’t clear previously, the name is a mix of “steel” and its pre-evolution Onix. Given Steelix’s body, the word “helix” may also be relevant. BDS = 200.

2. Stakataka

Who knows how many life-forms are stacked on top of each other, but there are enough for Stakataka to have a Defense stat of 211 at the very least. It boasts the greatest number of Rock-type and Steel-type Pokemon. (Stakataka is also the most powerful Rock-type Pokemon!) It has the appearance of a castle. The term Stakataka is a mix of the words “stack” and “attack.” It is one of the best defensive Pokemon in a group due to its high stat. BDS = 211

1. Shuckle

For our top pick, the Pokemon that is the numero uno on our table was even unbelievable to us during research. The one we are talking about here is obviously Shuckle! Shuckle is chilling while eating berries, thanks to its hard shell, which gives it a Defense stat of 230. Out of the hundreds of Pokemon currently available, it has the highest defence and also the highest Special Defense. Shuckle is an endolith in terms of origin. The name, on the other hand, is a mix of the words “shuck” (which means “husk”) and “turtle.” BDS = 230.

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