Minecraft - How To Build A Water Elevator? Latest Updates

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Water elevators are extremely useful in Minecraft. Swedish gaming company Mojang Studios developed this game. In this game, the players explore an infinite space of land and can build structures along with various other activities. In the event of building structures, the water elevator is a very effective way to get up and down between them. This article features a guide for beginners regarding building a water elevator.

Minecraft: About Water Elevator

In Minecraft, the creativity of players kicks in as they turn into engineers and can build anything. Also, the players can build massive towers and huge structures. All these seem cool, right? But, here a problem of transport arises. This is where the elevators come into the picture.

Minecraft - How To Build A Water Elevator? Latest Updates

These elevators are an easy way to get up and down between the structures. Minecraft has a variety of elevators and a water elevator is one such thing. Though the game has many elevators, this is the simplest model. Also, this elevator is quite easy to build.

Building This Elevator

To begin with, the players can use any building blocks that can hold water. First, the players should stack three 1×1 bricks adjacent to each other like in the below picture. Also, the centre 1×1 square must be empty. The tower should be stacked as per the player’s wish.

Minecraft - How To Build A Water Elevator? Latest Updates

Now, add any kind of closed-door at the bottom of the tower. After this, another 1×1 bricks must be stacked above the door. Next, the tower should be filled with water in the empty centre square. With the help of iron ingots, the players should make a bucket. And, this bucket must be used in any water source to fill the elevator with water.

Minecraft - How To Build A Water Elevator? Latest Updates

Now to enable transportation, the players must put a Magma Block or a Soul Sand at the bottom of the water elevator. These two are available in the Nether. After this, the players can go down using Magma Block and can go up using Soul Sand through the water.

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