Ethereum Price Prediction June 2022: Latest Updates

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Ethereum is a well-known cryptocurrency whose popularity is only second to Bitcoin. But, it is the most famous Altcoin which refers to all digital currencies barring Bitcoin. Currently, the market is down and so is Ethereum. So, what is the future of the coin? Here are the price updates and predictions for June 2022.

About Ethereum

As mentioned earlier, Ethereum or ETH is the second-largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of 22,80,000 Crore Rupees. It also has an active circulating supply of 12 Crore ETH. Also, it is just behind Bitcoin as far as the rankings are concerned. Similar to Bitcoin, it is a decentralized cryptocurrency that works on peer-to-peer(P2P) and blockchain networks.

Ethereum Price Prediction June 2022: Latest Updates

It was invented in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin. Just like Bitcoin, it took some time for the world to understand this currency. Since then it didn’t look back as it established its name in the crypto market. Along with being a digital currency, it is also used to create Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs).

June 2022 Price Prediction

Ethereum is facing a free fall at the moment as its price significantly dipped over the past couple of weeks. Currently, it is trading a shade under 1,86,000 Rupees. But, the price was 2,37,000 last week. This huge drop in price worries the investors. But, there is still hope as Ethereum is expected to climb in the near future. That said, it can even go down as many experts are unsure about the future.

Ethereum Price Prediction June 2022: Latest Updates

In the month of June, Ethereum will cross the 2 lakh barrier again and may even touch 2,30,000 rupees. So, selling the coin in panic is not the right move considering the potential rise during June. Also, it is a good time to buy the coin as the price had dipped significantly and it is set for a bullish rally. This rally is also expected to gain some momentum as it is set to cross 3,00,000 rupees within December 2022.

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