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Empires and puzzles wanted missions. appear as chests. In the Empire Puzzles. Empire lefthand corner but, to players are required to attain a number of kills of various types.if youge a special chest like holy chest or ice chest. here is where I have found to hunt monsters in the most efficient Manor. Below are the levels that have all one colour most have 11.

Empire puzzle Monster And Hero Chest.

Empire puzzle like other chest types these cheste have the potential of providing high quality rewards.

It is said thag Diamond raid/hero chests. offer greater rewards than those. awarded for individuals in platinum, but it is also well recognised that the rewards from one tier to the next don’t really make streching to achieve the next tier terribly worthwhile. 100 kills are required to fill a chest so, they’ll be filled more quickly when choosing targets that have higher monster/boss spawn rate such as, season one 3/2or 8/7.

After completion of monster hero or elemental chests they get greyed out and a accompanied by a timer that shows how long it will be before the chest becomes active again. It is a 12 hour wait between wanted chests, but the timer is individual to each type of chest. Once you have begun to work on a wanted chest  there is no time limit for completion, you may draw it our over days, weeks, or months if you like.

Empires And Puzzles

There only know trick to prompt faster or more common spawning of the rare elemental monster missions is by skipping chest timers with gems they seem to appear between 29 and 49 chest completions and are thus extremely difficult to predict.

Most of the recommendations above are made in consultation with mais guide to efficient farming. The Empire chest.

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