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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon is a household name just like Counter-Strike and Call of duty. It is a massive franchise with multiple games, amazing storylines, set pieces and much more! Wildlands is one of those games. To all the players starting out, Here are the top 5 snipers in the game.

Plot: Ghost Recon – Wildlands

In July 2019, the game will be held in Bolivia. As the Santa Blanca Organization, a Mexican drug cartel, obtains control of numerous locations across the country, the country has become increasingly unstable. The cartel develops increasing power and influence within and outside the country, led by the violent and pious cartel chief El Sueo, and transforms Bolivia into the world’s greatest producer of cocaine. In order to combat Santa Blanca’s violent occupation of Bolivia, the Bolivian government creates La Unidad, an elite special forces outfit tasked with combating the Cartel.

After months of intense battle, both groups reach an agreement to prevent more carnage, with certain Unidad personnel secretly working with Santa Blanca. In a cooperative operation with the CIA, DEA Agent Ricky “Ricardo” Sandoval is sent undercover in Santa Blanca to gather intelligence on the Cartel, eventually working for El Sueo himself. When a bomb strikes the US embassy in La Paz, the US is forced to respond, and Sandoval is executed by the cartel after his cover is discovered.

Top 5 snipers

  1. PSG-1: This weapon sits well in the midst of single-shot stopping power and rapid-firing bullet rain. The bolt-action M40A5 and the rapid-firing G28 do about the same amount of damage with this weapon. It is, however, more accurate, longer-ranged, and penetrating than the latter, although it has a worse handling.
  2. SR-25 Liberator: The SR-25 “Liberator” variation, along with the MK14 Occult, is one of the quietest snipers in the game. It sports an adaptable G28 Scope that can switch between 5x magnification and a red-dot sight, making it easier to use than other rifles.
  3. MK14: This fully automatic sniper rifle combines excellent handling with rapid-fire attack. The MK14 is an unhinged sniper that can mow down approaching attackers with switching between semi-automatic and fully automatic modes. In addition to being a sniper capable of one-shotting infantry units, you may also use it as an assault rifle when things don’t go as planned.
  4. Desert tech HTI BDC: The HTI’s “Desert Tech BDC” model is a direct replacement for its predecessor. This variation considerably boosts both of those traits as a weapon with unstoppable damage. It also comes with a silencer. This allows the vehicle-destroying shots to be as quiet as a kitten while still being as lethal as an elephant. After all of their cars burst in a flaming inferno, enemies will detect the presence of this sharpshooter.
  5. MSR eagle shot: The MSR “Eagle Shot” variant of the MSR rifle comes in a brilliant turquoise color. It has less penetration (but greater noise reduction) than its predecessor. But, it also has less damage and range than the MSR. These are the two most important characteristics of a bolt-action rifle.

These are our picks for the top 5 best snipers in the game. Snipers in this game are a matter of personal preference. But, this is what the general population of Wildlands players feel.

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