The Stanley Parable: How To Access Ulta Deluxe Content

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The Ultra Deluxe is a new version of the 2013 indie game The Stanley Parable. It is a choice-based game like the 2013 game but with various new contents. This new content is known as the Ultra-Deluxe Content. Along with the new content, it also features some new achievements. This article features a beginner’s guide to this exciting content.

The Stanley Parable

As mentioned earlier, it is a story-based single-player game where the players make different choices to proceed in the game. Furthermore, it is an indie game developed by the American game developer Davey Wreden and British game designer William Pugh. Galactic Cafe published this game on October 17, 2013.

The Stanley Parable: How To Access Ulta Deluxe Content

In this game, the player plays Stanley, the protagonist of the game. During the game, the player will face various diverging pathways and should make a choice. Based on the choices, the player experiences different endings. After this, the game restarts to the beginning.

Ultra Delux Content

Ultra Delux is an expanded version of The Stanley Parable. Crows Crows Crows published this game on April 27, 2022, as the game was released with many new achievements. Also, this new content has many new endings for the players to experience. To access this, you need to answer a question that asks you about the familiarity of the game and select the options honestly.

The Stanley Parable: How To Access Ulta Deluxe Content

If you are a new player, you need to experience 7-8 endings to access the new content. But, if you have played it before, just go through 3-4 endings to get the same. After this, if you see the new door which is in place of Room 416 ajar, you are officially into the Ultra Deluxe content. Also, a sign which says new content confirms this. By following this path, various new contents will appear. Now, agree or disagree with the narrator and proceed with the game. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the new content.

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