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Shadow Fighter 2 is a 2D action game of battles. In the game, you are the solo hero with a sword which can pass any charm. The sword may be ordinary but the powers and the moves it provide to the characters fill the game with adventure.

Shadow Fighter 2: Origin and Gameplay

The game is published by TOH games and it runs in Android only. It is available at Google Play Store and has a rating of 4.6. This game is sequel of Shadow Fighter and 2nd game of the franchise. It has a nail-biting mix of RPG and classical fighting.   

Shadow Fighter 2

Shadow Fighter 2: Killing like maniac

The game starts with the main character having a sword. As the screen passes, many more villains approach hero subsequently with different hazardous tricks and black magic. They may be dog with sharp canines, flying bats, some big wolves and many big giants, which can drop the life level up to half in a single attack.

Shadow Fighter 2

The deadly corpse has no legs and hence crawls at ground to attack and takes minimum 3 attacks to die. Finally comes the Boss with the whole army of flying dinosaurs. They attack us with fire and gives electric shocks from above, adjacent, in back, crawling here and there in every direction that makes the game very tough to play in the latter levels.

A Supreme Hero

But our Hero has many abilities. He may take a long jump to kill the flying beasts during the game, he may move around very fast like a Ninja to kill the dogs. Gradually, he develops skills and combat to fight every evil entity. There are 5 characters in the game. You can switch to any character and make yourself comfortable to it.

Shadow Fighter 2

As the game level increases, the power also gets updated. There are above 150 levels present in the game with every level being more tough than the last ones. As we proceed further, we will be able to improve our skills and upgrade the weapon. The achievements will unlock the new characters and shape you in to more deadly and fierce fighter.

Shadow Fighter 2

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