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Both the Pathfinder games are a testament to the fact that if you have passion, you can work hard to make it happen without much money. What started as a Kickstarter campaign, is now a huge possible franchise. Let us talk about the crazy spells in the pathfinder series.

Plot – Pathfinder

When Areelu Vorlesh, a scholar and practitioner of illicit magics, opened a hole to the abyssal planes of reality, armies of demons invaded Golarion, the realm of Sarkoris was devastated. The abyssal armies, led by the wicked Demon Lords Deskari and Baphomet, crushed anyone who stood in their way, reducing Sarkoris into a demon-infested wasteland known as the Worldwound. To preserve the planet from the flames, it fell to the neighbouring nations to form an army capable of withstanding the demonic attack. As a result, the Crusades began.

For more than a century, the battle has raged with little possibility of triumph. The adversary forces are many, and their anger is unparalleled. If it weren’t for the Wardstones—divine power obelisks set along the Worldwound’s borders to keep the invasion at bay—defeat would be assured. They build a protective barrier that keeps the demons from passing through, thanks to Iomedae’s herald’s instruction.

Top 5 spells in Pathfinder

  1. Remove curse: This spell may erase curses from both people and objects, so save that mysterious cursed item from the loot pile until you can show it to the Wizard.
  2. Blur, Illusion: Any spellcaster will benefit from Blur because it gives them an advantage in practically any tense situation. With that low AC and poor Constitution, one critical or direct strike can be the end of your expedition.
  3. Disrupt undead: This is a straightforward spell that sends a ray of Positive Energy to its intended recipient. It does deadly damage to undead monsters such as ghouls, liches, and vampires, and a few of these adversaries can be found in Pathfinder: WoTR. A cantrip, or Level 0 spell, is a straightforward spell. A Wizard can learn a spell the moment they step off the character sheet, and the sooner they learn it, the more beneficial it is.
  4. Phantasmal Killer: This spell allows you to enter the target’s subconscious mind and conjure up a phantasmal vision of their deepest fears. This emerges as an entity that is only visible to them. They perish from dread if they fail a Fortitude save. Even if they make their saving throw, they will still take 3d6 damage.
  5. Daze: It is a simple cantrip that most Wizards know before the game even starts. Plus, it’s an early technique of crowd control, which is especially crucial at the beginning of the game. It causes the target to become temporarily disoriented and lose their turn, giving your team an advantage. However, there are several limitations to its application. It only works on humanoid creatures with 4 HD or less. Moreover, it makes them immune to the same spell for a minute after their turn ends.

These are the top 5 spells in Pathfinder. We may or may not have missed your favorite spell but it is difficult to incorporate everyone. Hence, the decision of consensus prevails.

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