MacCready affinity: Everything you need to know about

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Robert Joseph “RJ” MacCready famously known as MacCready is a non-playable character(NPC) in the superhit 2015 action game “Fallout 4“. The character acts as a companion to the protagonist of the game referred to as “The Sole Survivor”. In Fallout 4, MacCready has something called affinity levels. This makes him like or dislike the Sole Survivor.

MacCready : Do’s to increase his affinity

The easiest method for expanding MacCready’s affinity levels in Fallout 4 is by stealing anything in MacCready’s notice. Also, picking locks helps in this regard. As a dark individual, MacCready pays special attention to oneself while additionally not being great to other people. Perhaps this might be because he doubts others. His tragic back story where he loses his wife might be a reason for this dark nature. Meanwhile, stealing is another straightforward way to increase his affinity. However, MacCready prefers the Sole Survivor to be fierce and rough towards other people.

MacCready affinity: Everything you need to know about

As a matter of fact, MacCready likes you when you are violent and murders people baring innocents. In Fallout 4, MacCready appreciates when the Sole Survivor threatens other people. Also, MacCready likes when the Sole Survivor is lying and demanding money. By filling MacCready’s affinity to its maximum level, the Sole Survivor will acquire the advantage of Killshot, which gives the Sole Survivor an increased precision for headshots in VATS by 20%.

MacCready : Dont’s to increase his affinity

MacCready dislikes when the Sole Survivor is addicted to something like the usage of chem in combat. He hates addiction because he promised his deceased son that he would be a better father. Due to his sentiment towards his son, he hates killing non-hostages even though he likes violence. MacCready heavily dislikes when the Sole Survivor is pleasant, mean, or quiet. MacCready appreciates vicious arrangements and violent activities. Although he likes innocents, he hates donating to them. This might bring down his affinity levels.MacCready affinity: Everything you need to know about

Despite his liking towards stealing, he dislikes when the Sole Survivor steals things and gets caught. He might even leave the company of the Sole Survivor if the Sole Survivor orders MacCready to steal things.

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