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Dying Light might be a franchise that every player must look out for years to come. After waiting for 7 years, Dying Light 2 finally dropped and it was worth the wait. Many players felt that Dying Light 2 should have difficulty modes. This was because the audience was split between people finding it too hard or too easy.

Plot – Dying Light

Kyle Crane, an undercover GRE agent, is airdropped into Harran to recover a vital dossier stolen by Kadir Suleiman and used for blackmail. Crane is bitten by an infected but is saved by Jade Aldemir and transported to the Tower, a survivor sanctuary. He meets Jade’s younger brother, Rahim Aldemir, who teaches him the fundamentals of parkour. Crane hears that a gang of outlaws lead by a warlord named Rais is harassing the Tower, stealing and hoarding supplies from GRE airdrops.

Antizin, for example, is a medicine that reduces the progression of illness while also suppressing its symptoms. Crane is charged with reaching an airdrop containing the critically required Antizin, but the GRE tells him to sabotage the airdrop and instead buy the medicine from Rais to prove his identification. Crane reluctantly agrees and tells the Tower that the materials were stolen.

How hard is Dying Light?

Lots of people who initially start the game and are on the impatient side complain about the game being too hard. When you start, it is hard but as you progress with better weapons, it’s not that difficult. But to get to that level, it takes a lot of patience and commitment to the game. This is the reason why Dying Light fans are either hardcore fans or not fans at all.

Dying Light 2 dropped and it introduced a difficulty system in its most recent patch. This encompasses both the veterans as well as newbies playing the game. Anyone who thinks the game is hard, can start at easy mode and then progress. Personally, we would recommend rather playing the first game before the second. This would help one get used to the story as well as the difficulty.

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