Games like Overcooked: Everything you need to know about

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Overcooked is a local multiplayer and single-player cooking simulation game. Ghost Town Games developed the game in 2016 and Team17 published it. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows are the desired platform to play this game. Overcooked was the first release of Ghost Town Games and it was an instant hit among the game lovers. Furthermore, it received many positive reviews. But there are many local co-op games similar to Overcooked and this article showers light on those games.

Among Us

Among Us is an online multiplayer game usually played with 4 to 15 players. Innersloth developed and published the game in 2018. This inventive game from Innersloth gives a party charm while infusing gamers with horrid, progressing questions about who they can trust. Among Us mixes many interesting mini games with investigator work and social ongoing interaction.

Games like Overcooked: Everything you need to know about

Players should handle different mini-games in their spaceship while simultaneously, the team should manage the approaching risk of dangerous Impostors and track them down. In the meantime, Impostors should cunningly mix in and either kill most of the crew or damage the ship.

Surgeon Simulator 2

Surgeon Simulator 2 is an arcade-style simulation game. It will have different players involved in different tasks. Bossa Studios developed the game and released it in 2020. Surgeon Simulator 2 is a high tense game where lives are at stake. The surgeons should work as a team to figure out the solution.

Games like Overcooked: Everything you need to know about

Surgeon Simulator 2 is the sequel of Surgeon Simulator. It was first reported at The Game Awards 2019 and it received positive reviews and even bettered its first part.

39 Days to Mars

39 Days to Mars is a co-op and single-player puzzle-solving game. It’s Anecdotal developed and published the game in 2018. In 39 Days to Mars, the players take the role of Sir Albert Wickes and The Right Honorable Clarence Baxter, two nineteenth-century enthusiasts who have decided to steer their ship HMS Fearful on its launch to Mars.

Games like Overcooked: Everything you need to know about

However, the exploration didn’t go as planned as their ship runs into a series of problems. Hence, the two players should work together to fix the issues and try to reach Mars in a single piece.

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