F1 22: All About Cross-Generation And Cross-Play Multiplayer

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F1 22 is the fifteenth game in the F1 franchise. British gaming company Codemasters developed this game that is set to release on July 1, 2022. Though this game revolves around F1 racing, there is some sort of unclarity regarding the Cross-Generation And Cross-Play Multiplayer multiplayer mode. This article showers light on this confusion.


Cross-Generation Multiplayer in F1 22

Cross-Generation Multiplayer mode lets you match PS4 players with both PS4 and PS5 players. Similarly, this mode also lets Xbox One players and Xbox Series X|S players play together. Both these features come under Cross-Gen mode as F1 22 is confirmed to have this multiplayer mode.

F1 22: All About Cross-Generation And Cross-Play Multiplayer

However, the fans of this franchise were a bit confused as the initial announcements stated that the game won’t have Cross-Gen mode. But, later the above announcement was chalked off as the latest update suggested that the game indeed will have Cross-Gen mode. This was a brainer as F1 21 had this mode. So, everyone expected F1 22 to have this mode too. Despite the initial confusion, it is now clear that this game will have a cross-generation Multiplayer mode.

Cross-Play Multiplayer

Unlike cross-generation multiplayer, the Cross-play mode lets players of PC, PlayStation, and Xbox play with each other. But, F1 22 is unlikely to feature this mode as there is no official announcement yet. Many expected this as F1 21 didn’t have this mode either.

F1 22: All About Cross-Generation And Cross-Play Multiplayer

The Cross-Play mode lets players across different platforms engage with each other. Though this mode is a great feature to have, this game doesn’t have it. But, there is good news as this mode may be added to the game in future updates. So, fans can only hope that this exciting feature gets added to the game.

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