Domain Of Blessing Genshin Impact: Beginner's Guide

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The Domain of Blessing is a very important task in Genshin Impact as the players should first complete this to complete Chapter 6 of the Adventure’s Handbook. Also, this chapter has totally three Domain of Blessings and by completing these, the players will receive Artifacts as a reward. This article features the latest updates about this task.

About Domain Of Blessing

In Genshin Impact, the players need to complete some side quests to finish a chapter. The Domain of Blessing is one such task in Chapter 6. Mostly, these side challenges are straightforward, but this is different gravy.

Domain Of Blessing Genshin Impact: Beginner's Guide

However, the players can find this task only on Adventure Rank 22. This task offers the players a different challenge and also rewards them with various Artifacts.

Completing the Task

There are totally three such tasks and only two Domain of Blessing will open in Adventure rank 22. So, the players should reach Adventure rank 25 for the third to open. Also, there is a trick to complete this task as the players can complete the same task three times to finish the challenge.

Domain Of Blessing Genshin Impact: Beginner's Guide

By completing this, the players receive powerful Artifacts as this can be used to increase the game roster’s power. These Artifacts are extremely useful to the players as they can build certain characters to their maximum potential.

Domain Of Blessing Genshin Impact: Beginner's Guide

For example, the players will receive Thundering Fury Artifact for completing Midsummer Courtyard. This is used to upgrade Electro characters such as Fischl and razor.

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