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Black Widow is an American superhero film which is based on Marvel Comic of the same name. It is a movie that connects to the different parts of different movie scenes of Marvel Studio. Lionsgate Films began developing the film in 2004. The movie when go released received so much of love and great feedbacks that it got too many fan followings.

Black Widow

The film is now well known for its merchandise as the fans get a lot of merchandise stuff such as T-shirts, Coffee mugs, watches, bookmarks, etc. Today, we can see a lot of Merchandise objects as that is the new modern trend.

Black Widow Release Date

The film was expecting its release in India at the same time when was releasing in the entire world i.e July however; due to embarking second wave of Covid-19 its release got delayed. Marvel Studios announced the date of release of Black Widow which was September 3,2021.

Black Widow

The Movie will be available to watch and viewers can watch it out anytime on Disney+ Hotstar Premium and Disney+ Hotstar VIP. The film is available to watch in six different languages. The movie is freely available to watch online Jio, Vi and Airtel through recharge plans.


The Secretary of State Thadeus Ross was chasing Natasha. During the time when Natasha was running to help the Steve Rogers and violating Sokovia Accords. She hides herself in a safehouse which was provided by Rick Mason in Norway.

Black Widow

The end for Black Widow is where Natasha is alive and; keeps on changing her haircut which can be seen in Infinity War. Natasha to unite with her Avengers Compatriots flies off  and then later on fights with Thanos.

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