Apple To Pay Buyer For Missing iPhone Charger

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Apple Inc. has a long history of providing high-quality smartphones. Though the prices are on the higher side, the quality side of the product is not compromised. Also, Apple repeatedly tries something new to improve its standards. Recently, the company made one such move as they removed the iPhone charger from their retail box. But, this move backfired as Apple faces quite a few legal issues. This article showers light on those controversies.

Apple’s iPhone Charger Drama

Every smartphone retail box comes with a charger and an earphone along with the mobile. Apple too followed his template for a long time. But, everything changed in 2020, as Apple made a shocking move that surprised many iPhone users across the world. They removed both chargers and earphones from iPhone 12 retail box citing environmental reasons.

Apple To Pay Buyer For Missing iPhone Charger

Apple To Pay Buyer For Missing iPhone Charger

Apple stated that the new move helps in reducing pollution and waste generation. The company also added that the majority of iPhone users would already have a charger with them and those who require a charger can buy them separately. But, many pundits pointed out that the move primarily reduces the size of the retail box which in turn increases the shipping quantity.

Lawsuit Against Apple

Because of this move, Apple saved a huge amount of money on logistical activities. It is estimated that the tech giant had saved over $6 billion by enforcing this clever move. But, it came at a cost as Apple kept facing legal issues from its customers. An iPhone user from Brasil recently filed a lawsuit against Apple for not providing an iPhone charger with the retail box.


Apple To Pay Buyer For Missing iPhone Charger

This made the regional court order Apple Inc. to compensate the customer. So, Apple paid 5,000 Brazilian Real (75,486 Indian Rupee) and also provided a brand new charger to the affected user. This case opened the eyes of many, as more and more lawsuits against Apple kept pouring in. But, Apple handled these cases with immense care to save its reputation. Despite the increased pressure from outside, Apple is unlikely to change its decision in the near future.

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