Warfare - Best Shotguns in the game

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Warframe is a free shooting multiplayer game that has been quite successful recently. The game has more than 50 million registered players. Players can use a variety of weapons and abilities within the mission, including shotguns. We have listed some best shotguns in the game here.

1. Arca Plasmor

Arca Plasmor is a shotgun that fires Plasma projectiles and can kill multiple enemies at once. The range is 40 m to 42 m. Projectiles have a thickness of 3 metres and can punch through the bodies of several enemies. These guns are highly ammo efficient and can give high damage shots.

Warfare - Best Shotguns in the game

2. Phantasma

Phantasma is a very versatile weapon that can be used to kill strong enemies. There are two fire modes: Primary and Secondary. In primary mode, it fires beams that are automatic. The maximum range of the beam is 20 m, but it doesn’t have any damage falloff. In secondary mode, it releases a plasma bomb and bomblets within the 4.8 m range.

Warfare - Best Shotguns in the game

3. Vaykor Hek

 If used properly, Vaykor Hek can be an amazing shotgun. It has a decent range, a larger mag and a faster fire rate. To use it, a player needs to have a Mastery Rank of 12. One thing that should be kept in mind is that it has a high recoil rate.

Warfare - Best Shotguns in the game

4. Kohm

Kohm is a great shotgun with riven mods. However, without a riven, it is not very effective. The Grineer shotgun has the ability to add additional pellets fired on every shot. However, it has a poor ammo efficiency that consumes 4 shells per shot at the full spool.

Warfare - Best Shotguns in the game


5. Phage

Phage is a weapon with a high-status chance and a good critical chance. It fires seven tentacles like a beam in a widespread. It uses the ammo very slowly, and its focus (The time required for the beams to fully focus is approximately 0.5 seconds) could be a problem for some players.

Warfare - Best Shotguns in the game

Let us know about your favourite shotguns in the comments!!

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