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Do you want to play Pubg Mobile with friends? Do you need to know whether it is a cross Platform? your questions are answered. Player unknown’s battlegrounds are one of the most famous and widely appreciated games by teenagers and adults who like the taste of fps and battle royale combined together. Pubg had caused quite the stir globally as one of the most played games because of its movement and shooting mechanics. It was released back in 2017 and rose to quick fame. Due to these innovative mechanics and popularity the game was released on multiple platforms. The platforms include consoles: (Xbox, Playstation),  Moblie devices, and PC.

Initially, the game Pub g mobile was launched only on mobile devices later on it was released by the developers through an emulator to support PC as well. The game allows you to add friends. This process allows you to speak in-game thus multiplying the fun.

Does Pubg mobile support cross-platform?

 Pubg mobile cross platform

Indeed Pub g mobile does support cross-platform. The game was originally designed to only pair IOS and Android users. Later updates published by Tencent have allowed a new emulator for PC. The emulator has allowed PC gamers to log in and plays the game along with their friends who use Android and IOS.  However, PC users have an inherent advantage of using a mouse and a keyboard. Thus, to counter this difficulty the game separates emulator players from mobile players during random matchmaking.

For playing together, all you need to do is add your friend to the game. Moreover, players can also generate temporary team codes to invite friends into the game lobby.

How to add friends?

 Pubg mobile cross platform

In the game, on the left section options includes adding friends. click on the icon, tap the add friends option, type your friend’s alias, and click ok. By following this procedure you can connect and play with your friends. If you are facing any issues check the alias and repeat the process.

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