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Mortal Combat 11 is a mind-blowing fighting game developed by NetherRealm Studios. Publisher of the gams is Warner Bros. The game released in April 2019 and is among the list of best fighting games. The game has very high visuals and powerful console that makes it worth buying!! You can play the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows and Google Stadia.

Mortal Combat 11

Mortal Combat 11

The plot of the game revolves around Raiden. He has defeated his old friend Shinnok and get hold on his amulet. Now, Raiden with the amulet is dipped in powers and plans to attack and get hold on the Nether realm. Special force that has Cassie, Jacqui and Sonya needs to stop him and hence save the realm. While they succeed in their plans, they loose as a team. Special force loses Sonya. She dies in a bomb attack that leaves everyone shocked and devasted and the story continues…

Mortal Combat 11

Mods in the game

While the game comes with a nice plot, it also brings the better mods. The PC gamers can surely download this 6 mods which makes it better!!

  1. Realistic Reshade for MK11 V2

This mod basically brings an aesthetic change to the game. With a superior game play in addition, the mod has good graphics. You can download Reshade mod and apply it to the game easily.

  1. Retro Console Mod for Mortal Kombat 11

This mod basically brings a gameplay of classic and retro graphics. This one is surely for the ones who have played the game since long time and want a glance of older versions. Eventually, you can enjoy the retro version.

  1. MK11 Xtreme Mod – NPC/Announcer/Camera Mod

In this mod, you can play the game as a non-playable character and can enjoy the battle with 3rd person view.

Mortal Combat 11

  1. 60 FPS And Ultra-Wide Screen Support

As the name suggest, in this mod, you can have ultra-wide screen with 60 frame per second.

  1. The Customized Unlocker for MK11

This mod is for the one who want to enjoy the game without spending any money. Consequently, this mod can unlock all the content.

  1. ASI MK11

This mod contains everything, from cheat codes to an intro swap. So, you can enjoy the game peacefully.

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