Latest Updates About George Soros' Wife Tamiko Bolton

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If there is ever a definition for a successful female entrepreneur, it is difficult to look beyond Tamiko Bolton. She is one of the leading consultants and businesswomen in the world. Moreover, she is known as the wife of George Soros, an American billionaire. This article features the latest updates about this dynamic woman.

About Tamiko Bolton

Mrs. Bolton was born on 18 October 1971 in California, USA. She has both Japanese and American connections. This is because her mother is a Japanese – American Nurse. Also, her father is a retired Navy officer in US Navy. After finishing college, she started working as an educational consultant.

Latest Updates About George Soros' Wife Tamiko Bolton

Later, she became a successful entrepreneur. She began an online business related to dietary supplements. It was a wonderful start to her career as she quickly gained a lot of fame. In addition to this, she also started an online platform that teaches yoga. With these many business firms, there was nothing that could stop her. Furthermore, she became even more famous with her marriage to George Soros.

Marriage Life

Bolton’s life changed in 2013 as she married a billionaire businessman who is none other than George Soros. As they say, Love is Blind, Soros, who was in his early 80s fell in love with the 42-year-old Bolton. Though many people criticized this relationship due to their age difference, Soros didn’t care about the outside noise as he welcomed Bolton as his third wife.

Latest Updates About George Soros' Wife Tamiko Bolton

George Soros met her for the first time in 2008 and he fell in love with her instantly. They got engaged in 2012 and both got married in Bedford, New York in 2013.

Latest Updates About George Soros' Wife Tamiko Bolton

But, their marriage life was initially not peaceful as Soros’s ex-partner Adriana Ferreyr filed a lawsuit against him. This case became ugly as the Brazilian actress even attacked Soros during the hearing. But, Soros handled the case well as the famous couple went on to lead a happy life.

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