How To Tame Pteranodon In Ark: Survival Evolved?

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Ark is an action survival game that focuses on dinosaurs. In this game, the players should survive against these dinosaurs and other creatures on an island. Though these dinosaurs are dangerous, some of them can be tamed by the players. Pteranodon is one such dinosaur that can benefit the players in many ways after being tamed. This article features a guide about taming Pteranodon in Ark: Survival Evolved.

Ark: About Pteranodon

Pteranodon is a flying dinosaur that belongs to the Pterosaur family. It is a carnivore that can be a useful companion to the players. These are mostly scavengers that can be commonly seen on the beaches.

How To Tame Pteranodon In Ark: Survival Evolved?

In the game, they appear with a long beak and a crest. The wings of a Pteranodon does not have features but they resemble the wings of modern-day bats. Also, in Ark, Pteranodon’s beak has sharp teeth. But, as per palaeontologists, these reptiles lacked these teeth. Yes, we shouldn’t question the game logic as it looks quite good with these needle-shaped teeth.

How To Tame Pteranodon In Ark: Survival Evolved?

In the game, it also appears in different colours. Also, these reptiles generally avoid conflicts as they mostly fly away when they are attacked. So, the players need not worry about a Pteranodon attack.

How To Tame Them?

It is quite easy to tame a Pteranodon. As mentioned earlier, these creatures don’t attack the players. However, in some cases, they might choose to do so when they are provoked. So, the players should carefully approach them and can also carry a ranged weapon for safety.

How To Tame Pteranodon In Ark: Survival Evolved?

To tame a Pteranodon, first, the players need to bring it down. The players can use crossbow and bola to do this along with tranquilizers. After this, the players can tame the trapped Pteranodon using raw meat. However, prime meat also works in this process. In addition to these things, the players can also use narcotics to speed up the taming process.

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